Webmaster services – help with your website.

Websites are designed and built by web developers, but they are operated by webmasters.

Often the site owner is also the webmaster, but, for many small businesses and organizations, the webmaster is an employee or contractor hired by the site owner. And, quite often, if that person moves on to some other employment, the site owner is in the uncomfortable position of having a site that they don’t know how to operate, update, or improve. The site becomes a burden. The website owner might feel that they have been abandoned, stuck with a website they start to hate.

“When your website has problems, needs to be updated, moved, or improved, or just suddenly starts doing bizarre things, having a skilled webmaster and web expert you can call for help can save you a lot of embarrassment and hassle, and sometimes a lot of money.”

I can help. I can fix any problem your website has, bring it up to date, and operate it for you.

I can also save you money in the long run. How?

As you probably already know, a full-time webmaster is expensive. And often a website has modest needs as far as daily operations goes, meaning that you might end up paying a lot of hourly wages and employee-related costs for a significantly underutilized employee. Naturally you wish that you could conserve your profits or operating cash, and reduce your payroll. But when that website has problems, or needs to be updated, moved, or have content added, you need someone who can do that work for you. And you know that a breaking or out-dated and inaccurate website can be embarrassing, and cost you even more in lost customer or client trust and regard. You feel stuck.

I can do that work for you. I can replace, or augment, your inhouse website guy.

I can help you operate and manage your website, and be your agent in dealings with hosting companies, ISPs, registrars, designers, and other net professionals, all of whom want your money, and all of whom speak the incomprehensible technical language of the internet

And you’ll save money. I can do a minimal amount of work, or give you full service. I can train your people to do the easier and less technical operations tasks, and you can afterwards only use my services when a higher level of skills are required. All with no tax withholding or insurance to worry about, minimal paperwork, and minimal downtime or impact on your business or cause. I will usually work remotely, and at night. And because I have almost 20 years of experience with all kinds of websites, I am extremely fast and competent, and there is nothing I can’t handle.

I have had a number of clients tell me that I have changed their lives. They simply don’t worry about their website at all anymore.

Because Central Pa Web Services is a small and efficient home-based business, I can also offer you reasonable rates.


  • My Base Rate is $30 an hour prepaid*, and $35 an hour by 30 day online invoice 
  • My First Hour Rate is $50 an hour, due to job setup, research, travel, and overhead costs.
  • The First Hour Overhead cost can be avoided by buying a prepaid 4 hour services package for $120.
  • Non-profit and low-income low-budget site owners may inquire about reduced rates.
  • Payment is accepted by Paypal, by check, or by cash. 
  • To hire these services, your first step is to use the form below to send me information about your website and your needs.
  • We will discuss your needs by email, until we agree to start work or a test. This discussion is completely free.
  • “Prepaid” includes payment made immediately after job completion.