SEO web copy and content creation for search engine traffic and marketing power.

While it looks daunting from the outside, and it does involve a fair amount of highly technical language, knowledge, and fcomplex detail, setting up a website is fairly easy. For a professional like myself, who knows the language, and understand the landscape of hosting providers and mysql databases and mail servers, a website can be made operational in a short time.

The hard part is filling the website with good, interesting, and persuasive writing. The really challenging work of any website is the web copy, the writing which fills the pages of the website, and also the photos, images, and graphics that accompany the writing. Together the writing and the photographs and graphics make up the “web content” of your website, and you will discover (or already know) that creating web content is a lot of work.

To make web content copywriting even more difficult, everything you do has to have two types of visitors in mind. Your writing has to appeal to the real people who visit your site, but it also has to be written with the search engines in mind. Without the search engines, your website can’t be found, and you won’t get the readers or customers that you want. But if you write ONLY for the search engines, your human visitors will be irritated and confused and ignore your message. So you will need to strike a balance between writing for the blind logic of the search engines, and the natural and lively writing that humans enjoy.

In general, you and your organization or business will want to create your own web content, and write your own web copy for your pages. You know your topic the best, you have the passion and drive for your subject or your business that will make your website interesting and fun and memorable. It’s your website, you own it, and writing the text for your website is your responsibility.

But, sometimes you just don’t have the time to write, and to crop, resize, and prepare photos for the specific needs of the web.

I can help. I can write the copy for your website, and take raw photos and resize and adjust them to fit specific places or purposes in your website.

I can also create or buy for you customized graphics, logos, cartoons, animations, and animated buttons, banners, and arrows for your website to give it more eye appeal and to encourage your visitors to buy your product or join your organization.

My base rate for web copywriting is ten cents a word, which means you will get a thousand words of search engine optimized text custom written for your needs for $100. My base rate for photo and graphic preparation and creation is the same as my rate for operations, $25 an hour prepaid, $35 an hour by 30 day invoice. Contact me to discuss your specific and customized copy needs.