Case Study: Happy Valley Helmets, a local online store with a unique product.

Job agreement: Take a very old website that was making a few sales a year, modernize it, and see if it could be made to sell more items.

My concept: Use a very simple theme and look to help the visitor feel mastery of the site, let the unique products be the “Star” of the site, use an inexpensive but full-featured ecommerce system to power it all, use more of the power of their Facebook page, and then measure customer response.

Result: Almost instantly new sales started coming in, where in previous months there had been none. A few problems were discovered and tuned, which is exactly what you would expect with this type of project. Now the site sells in a week what it had been selling in a year. With more work and effort (new photos for the products, a few extra features to increase customer return and visitor-time-on-site, and an expanded social media effort, as examples.) I think sales could be increased dramatically yet again.