Webhosting with full service and the power of LITESPEED!


Three packages, to make your life simple: Small, Medium, and Large.

An equally simple payment concept – all plans are one annual payment, in advance.

“Wait a minute…”, you are thinking, “What if I don’t like it? Or my plans change?”.

No Problem. Hey, I have been there

1. I always give you a free trial month, before you make any payment. Every account gets a free trial month. Try before you buy.

2. You can cancel anytime. Yes, I do charge for that, one month’s worth, your account cost divided by 12. But, that’s fair, isn’t it? I created your account, helped you move in and get set up. That’s worth a month’s rent.

3.  I’m here to help you, not to take advantage of you. If your plans change, let me know. If a month’s rent is going to hurt you or make you feel bad, let me know. I believe in the power of the internet to help people, to make us better and smarter. (Yes, I still believe that, despite Youtube comments, lol.). I guarantee you, we can work something out.

I have rented hosting space from dozens of companies, big names, small names, esoteric pro hosting ordinary consumers cannot get, dedicated, shared, and virtual. I have the experience of being a hosting renter, just like you. I know hosts. I give you a kind of service no other host can provide – a friendly guy who communicates in great English, who doesn’t treat you rudely because you have a question about something you are trying to do.


And, oh yeah, did I mention the FREE TRIAL MONTH