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Webmaster services – help with operating and managing your website.

Operating and managing a website can be a dauting task for a small organization or business. A full-time webmaster is expensive, and often a smaller website has modest needs as far as daily operations goes. But when that website has problems, or needs to be updated, or moved, or have content added, having a skilled webmaster you can call on for hourly labor can be a lifesaver that can save you tremendous embarrasment, and also save you a lot of money.

We can help you operate and manage your website, and we can be your agent in dealings with hosting companys, ISPs, registrars, designers, and other net professionals, all of whom want your money, and all of whom speak the incomprehensible technical language of the internet.

Because Central Pa Web Services is a small and efficient net-based business, we can also offer you extremely reasonable rates. As experts in small business and small organisation websites, we are aware that cost control has to be a primary concern for every website owner.

Our operations package is based on a $25 prepaid hourly rate, with a $100 minimum prepayment required to start a website management account. If you are not more than completely happy after $100 worth of work, then that is all you will have risked in trying our services. However, your account with us will remain available to you, and we will be available to help you solve future problems if the need arises and you cannot find anyone else that can do a better and cheaper job.

  • $100 prepayment by paypal required to start an account.
  • Base rate is $25 an hour prepaid, $35 an hour by 30 day email invoice.
  • Non-profits and low-income low-budget site owners may inquire about reduced rates.

The $100 prepayment to start an account is fixed and required, we will not start an account without it. Afterwards, you have the choice to maintain your account at the $25 an hour prepaid rate, or you can choose to be invoiced and pay in 30 days at the rate of $35 an hour.

We are also willing to negotiate a sliding scale rate for nonprofits and some other kinds of low budget websites. The sliding scale will depend on how complicated the management job turns out to be, but feel free to ask.

“When your website has problems, or needs to be updated, moved, or improved, having a skilled webmaster you can call on for hourly labor can be a lifesaver that saves you a lot of embarrasment and hassle, and can also save you a lot of money.”

To start an account, your first step is to use the CONTACT FORM to send us a message about your website and your needs. We will email you within 24 hours to discuss your situation.

Click HERE to start your account.
Start your web services account by filling out this contact form.

The initial email exchange and discussion is free. However, to begin any work, you will need to make the $100 initial account prepayment to us. If your situation is important, time-dependent, or an emergency, I suggest you send us a contact message and make the account prepayment at the same time. You can do that on the Start Account Form, look for the Paypal button.


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